Dismembered Life - by Susanne Leipnitz

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The "Hicksville Therapist"
- from Germany -
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Assisted Living
The Dismembered.FM Podcast is far from being normal.
It is the show all about Your Life, Your Health and what ever else might bother Your (nutty) Brain!

It is everything but nice: you need to be able to deal with bad humor, cursing and sarcasm - plus bad English and the danger of encountring quite some sideeffects.

But be careful: if you dare to listen to this podcast, you can never return to your beloved comfy zone of your assisted living!

Caution: She Bites!
One day we all eventually die. But we just love to speed this process up and kill ourselves every day a little faster.
Little by little and every day a little more. Mentally and physically and nobody realizes it, until we hit the final wall. But even at that point, some things might be still possible before we are 6 feet under.

Susanne Leipnitz gets to the bottom of the biggest health and life challenges we all encounter in our lives. From relationship problems, understanding men and women or co-workers to popular health problems and much more.
The "crime scene life" is a big playground for Susanne Leipnitz and she understands to play around with our doctrines and shows us ways out of the downward spiral. All we have to do is: start walking.

The show DISMEMBERED LIFE is definately not for kids or those wanting to stay in their little bubbles of life and continue with their assisted dying.

Want Change?
Great - what pill do I need?
Our brain got stuck in the evolution. Ok, we evolved faster than our brain did.

Our brain still is stuck in the "eat or die" mode from a couple of days ago.
Allright: from a few thousand years ago!
It did not get the " we evolved" eMail - it's more like a message in the bottle ...still on its way...

Our brain loves to think in the old paths:
sleep, eat, reproduce, shit, repeat. Done!

So by nature, the human being is a very comfortable thing.
We do not easily change habbits or waste energy,
because things work, don't they?
- until we are 6 feet under -

Change starts as an idea - always!
followed by gathering knowledge and then applying it little by little.

The Beginning of the End
Our lives started out all the same:
as a bunch of cells.

They got fed well and grew up to what we currently see in your mirrows.
We might not like everything about ourselves, but in the end: it is that picture we are stuck with - like it or not!

But when life started with cells - why are we ignoring them so hard?
Every illness, every end of life starts at the same point, we started at:
- the cells -
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